The Difference Protein Technologies Can Make In Your Treatment Formulations

Custom skin and hair care formulas are an effective way to set your medspa or clinic apart from competitors. But the process of selecting the right ingredients can be overwhelming – especially when faced with hundreds of options that offer various benefits. For science-based treatment formulations, protein technologies provide a solid foundation.

The benefits of utilizing proteins in topical formulations have been long-recognized, even among ancient civilizations. Modern-day protein application was first recognized in the 1950s, and the science behind it has continued to develop in recent years. Understanding the potential benefits is the starting point for using proteins in your custom treatments. To help you do that, we’ve outlined some of the most measurable, scientifically-tested options:

Elastin: is a naturally occurring protein in the body that plays a key role in soft, smooth,

and young-looking skin. It is a key protein that provides resilience and elasticity to tissues and organs. We have all of the elastin we are going to have in our bodies by our teenage years. As the elastin in our body declines, wrinkles and lines increase. 

Tropoelastin: is a synthetic human protein that has been intensely studied over the past three decades for its restorative effects in the body. Tropoelastin plays a key role in keeping skin firm, lifted, and youthful. 

In theory, replacing or supplementing elastin in the cells can offer a regenerative effect on the body’s tissues. In fact, many existing skincare products offer formulas using Elastin and Tropoelastin that claim to replenish natural levels in the body and thereby improving or slowing the appearance of aging skin. 

These claims sound good on paper. However, tropoelastin applied topically to the skin does not penetrate into the dermis of the skin because it doesn’t have a vehicle to get through the dermis. Any claims otherwise are false or misleading.

Our scientists developed a process that allows tropoelastin to be absorbed topically. By altering a peptide sequence in the molecular structure, vital tropoelastin is able to be absorbed into the dermis to replenish elastin. This proprietary process and ingredient is found only in our Elastatropin®. 

Elastatropin® (tropoelastin) is a water-soluble elastin precursor that can be effectively absorbed into the skin through our proprietary technology, where it is recognized by the body and incorporated back into the skin as elastin. Elastatropin® is a vegan and ethically sourced proprietary material developed by the founder of DermaLastyl™. 

Clinical Results

Dermatologists at Thomas Jefferson University studied Elastatropin® to determine its effects on the skin. Here’s what they found:

· When applied topically, Elastatropin® is penetrated and absorbed into the skin for a full 24 hours following the application.

· When the same skin was studied under a microscope, tropoelastin was identified in the skin’s epidermis.

The results demonstrate that Elastatropin®, is a highly effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging formula considered in your private label skincare regime. 

Keratin: is a natural protein found in healthy hair, skin, and nails. An abundance of keratin in the hair is associated with healthy, full, and lustrous hair. As we age, the natural keratin in our hair diminishes. Environmental factors such as the sun, pollution, harsh shampoos, chemical or color treatments also contribute to the decline of natural keratin. 

Keratin treatments add supplementary keratin back to that hair shaft which bonds to the hair’s own keratin to fill in the holes in the cuticles of the hair. By replenishing lost keratin in the hair, your customized products will offer the best result for clients seeking longer, healthier hair that’s less likely to break.

Adding Elastatropin® or Keratin to your private label skin and hair formulas means that your patients will receive ingredients that are backed by results. 

Did you know Skinventive owns the exclusive licensing for Keratin and Elastatropin®? Schedule a consultation to start building custom formulations to set your practice apart.